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Welcome to Paradox.  We are a Forsaken World guild playing on the Eyrda server.  We are looking for fun and active level 40+ players to join us.  Apply here.
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SiF GvG Interrupted by Catalyst

gooer, May 21, 11 6:02 PM.
Our second Guild vs Guild battle against SiF has had some interesting results.  SiF is now our ally!  A strong guild with a leadership full of integrity will be there to back us up in pk wars.  They are a full ally which means no pk of any kind.  Yes, I'm talking to you, Rook.

SiF won 98 to 83, but we were in the lead about halfway through until the guild, Catalyst, showed up to disrupt it.  With that, Catalyst is now KOS to us, SiF, and many other guilds.  I know it seems like we're killing a fly with a bulldozer, but they need to understand what their actions can bring upon them. 

A special thanks goes out to GollyGee for setting up the many KOS listings against Catalyst.  There are now at least a half a dozen top 20 guilds that willl make sure Catalyst no longer exists in a few weeks.

Guild Base and Guild Level 4

gooer, May 19, 11 10:16 AM.
Congratulations everyone!

Thanks to all of the donations and some very generous individuals, we've won the auction for our guild base!  At a cost of 8 diamonds and 80 gold, we were victorious against at least a half a dozen bidders.  We aren't done though!  We've built our guild castle level 1 and can now do castle quests from the castle warden.  Once we get economy to 1000 and civilization to 2000, we can then work on constructing the dining room which will let us have camp fires.

With the construction of the level 1 castle, we are now level 4 and can support up to 150 members.  Now that we offer a web site, ventrilo, a guild base, and the best people in the game, I'm sure we'll rapidly expand.

Remember, we need everyone working on various guild quests.  This helps us pay maintenance costs of currently 28 gold per day.  If our funds get depleted, all of this work will be for nothing as we will lose the base.  It may sound like a daunting task, but even spending a half hour each day is a tremendous help.  Plus, you get a generous amount of soul gold and exp for completing 4 construction quests.  I'll have some links up soon to help people with running these, but until then, ask in ventrilo or guild chat for help.

First Guild War

gooer, May 16, 11 1:10 AM.
Paradox has participated in it's first ever guild vs guild war against Xtremist.  The battle started as a simple pk war at the City of Oblivion.  It quickly escalated and the numbers grew to 8 vs 12 in their favor.  After stomping them a couple of times, we began the guild war.  Controlling the battlefield most of the fight, we won 84 to 40.  Towards the end, we had to hold back as they didn't seem to respect keeping somewhat even numbers.  They grew to 15+ people.  Both sides fought bravely and handled themselves well, but we all knew that Paradox would be victorious.

Click HERE to see the screen shot of the aftermath and top scorers.
Paradox is recruiting active 40+ players. Mail or PM Fehz, Mallicarius, Rook, Elerosse, GollyGee or Innaryl for information in-game. We are looking for fun people who are sociable and would like to hop on Ventrilo with us. We allow random pk, so come mow down some people with us. Also, we recent
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